Portobello River Cruiser Terms and Conditions

Portobello wants everyone using our donut boats to have an enjoyable time and to feel safe and secure. Please help us by following these rules:

1. Don’t rock the boat! No, really, don’t rock the boat. It is not safe and others on the boat will not feel safe and secure. Terrified screams and squeals are for showground rides.
2. Do not dive from the boat nor swim around it.
3. No dancing on the table or on the boat (See rule 1).
4. Do not litter.
5. No pets on the boat.
6. Do not sit on the side of the boat.
7. No smoking on the boat.
8. No fishing from boat.
9. It is prohibited to tie boats together.
10. No sitting on top of the backrests.
11. Do not urinate from the boat.
12. Do not breach marine mammal laws.

If you breach any of these rules we are entitled to immediately terminate the hire period and to retain the security deposit or such part of it as we may in our sole discretion determine.

Hire Terms and Conditions:

  1. The terms of our liquor licence require that a person operating the Portobello River Cruiser holds a valid full driver’s licence and is at least 21 years of age.
    2. Participants must be aged 5 years of age and above, minors (5-12yo) are permitted to wear a life jacket at all times on the Portobello River Cruiser and be accompanied by a parent or adult.
    3. Our liquor licence limits the number of people who may be on board the boat at any time and we are required to deny access/entry to any additional persons above the licensed number.
    4. The hirer must provide at least 5 days notice of a cancellation and the booking can be either refunded or rescheduled to another date within 12 months. If a cancellation is received less than 5 days prior to booking, a refund will not be offered and the hirer will need to reschedule to another date within 12 months.
    5. If bad weather prevents the boat from operation and Portobello River Cruiser cancels the booking, this can be rescheduled to a preferable date within 12 months or a refund can be offered.
    6. The group must arrive 15 minutes prior for the operator’s and safety briefing or 30min prior if ordering food and drinks on the day.
    7. If you arrive late, your booking end hire time remains the same and cannot be moved back.
    8. Someone on the boat must be in possession of an operating mobile phone and the number must be provided to us before the event commences. The phone must be switched on and able to make and receive calls during the hire period.
    9. Late return of boat will incur a charge of $25 for every 15-minute period (or part thereof) that the boat is returned late.
    10. The hirer is responsible for all damages to the boat when on hire.
    11. The driver must provide a copy of a valid full driver’s license. We will need to have a copy of the licence.
    12. The hirer must inform us of any incidents or any injuries during hire period. Any additional damage caused by failure to so advise us will be at the full expense of the hirer.
    13. Portobello is not responsible for your personal belongings.
    14. The driver must adhere to applicable national marine, safety rules & regulations.
    15. The driver is responsible for safety of all passengers on board.
    16. No intoxicated people are allowed on board.
    17. The driver must remain under 0.05 blood alcohol content at all times.
    18. Our licence states that the supply of alcohol on the boat must be no more than 3 standard drinks per person per hour. Beer and wine only are permitted.

Portobello Boats reserves the right to refuse or suspend your right to use our services at any time.

Hire Costs: – Terms and Conditions

1. The cost of the hire will be based on the time from the booked hire time until the boat is returned by you to the usual mooring location.
2. Remember that if you leave the mooring with a tail wind and expect to return with a head wind then it will take longer to get back than it did to get out.
3. If you abandon the boat then the hire period will end at the time we are able to have it returned to its mooring. The hire period does not end at the time we commence towing.
4. If the boat is returned back in unacceptable unclean state, not similar to that as received, then a cleaning fee of $50 will apply to the hirer.

Gift Card Terms and Conditions

Portobello River Cruiser Gift Cards are non-refundable and must be used in full. Portobello River Cruiser Gift Cards are treated as cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Portobello River Cruiser Gift Cards expire a certain number of months after issue. Portobello River Cruiser Gift Cards may only be used for purchases at Portobello River Cruiser and cannot be returned or exchanged for cash. Online transactions must be made within Australia, New Zealand, The United States or The UK to be valid. You can purchase up to 1000.00 or 4 Gift Cards per transaction. May not be re-sold or bartered for cash. A postage fee will apply for Physical Gift Cards. eGift Cards may take up to 24 hours to be valid and may not be redeemable immediately after purchase. We reserve the right to change any of the terms contained in these Terms and Conditions at any time where the change is required. Gift Card transactions are purchased via a secure banking partner (eWay or Stripe) and Now Book It do not have access to the full credit card number. By purchasing, redeeming or attempting to redeem a Gift Card, you: accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions; and acknowledge that you have read and understood our Privacy PolicyYou may be required to produce proof of identification at the time of redeeming your Gift Card. If you are unable to provide identification Portobello River Cruiser may elect to not accept the Gift Card as payment until you are able to do so. View Portobello River Cruiser's full terms and conditions.