The Portobello River Cruiser is an eco-friendly, motorboat powered by an electric engine. They are quiet, do not pollute the water or the air and they do not scare away or harm the dolphins, fish, birds and other wildlife. The Port River is home to 40 bottlenose dolphins and other wildlife.

The Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary protects the Port River Dolphins and some important rules apply when cruising along the Port River:

  • Keep a distance of 50 metres to dolphins unless the dolphins swim up to your boat
  • Keep a distance of 150 metres to a dolphin if a calf is present
  • Switch motor to off/neutral if the dolphins are to approach the boat
  • Do not chase the dolphins in the boat
  • Do not feed the dolphins ($100,000 penalty may apply)
  • Do not feed Wildlife
  • Fishing from the River Cruiser is strictly prohibited
  • Jumping & swimming into the river whilst using the River Cruiser is strictly prohibited
  • No smoking onboard
  • Do not litter
  • Please use rubbish bin provided.

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12pm - sunset


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